HyperCat is an open, lightweight JSON-based hypermedia catalogue format for exposing collections of URIs. Each HyperCat catalogue may expose any number of URIs, each with any number of RDF-like triple statements about it. HyperCat is simple to work with and allows developers to publish linked-data descriptions of resources.

HyperCat is designed for exposing information about IoT assets over the web. It allows a server to provide a set of resources to a client, each with a set of semantic annotations. Implementers are free to choose or invent any set of annotations to suit their needs. A set of best practices and tools are currently under development. Where implementers choose similar or overlapping semantics, the possibilities for interoperability are increased.


TSB IoT Demonstrator Action Plan 1.1 - the current HyperCat specification

TSB IoT Demonstrator Action Plan 1.0 - original spec, now outdated



Who is using HyperCat

HyperCat was developed to solve a real need for interoperability amongst 8 consortia:

  1. DISTANCE (Internet of Schools Things) includes ScienceScope, Intel, Xively, Explorer HQ, Stakeholder Design, University of Birmingham’s Urban Climate Laboratory, UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, and The Open University Department of Computing
  2. EyeHub includes Flexeye, Open Data Institute, Surrey University, IBM, Guildford Borough Council
  3. IoTBay: An Interoperability Hub for IoT Services (IBS), includes SH&BA, EDF, IBM, Westminster City Council, BRE
  4. i-MOVE (Internet of Moving Objects and Vehicles Ecosystem) includes Aimes Grid Services, BT, Traak, Avanti, Placr, Merseyside Transport
  5. International Airport includes LivingPlanIT, London City Airport, Milligan Retail, Critical Software, AppSherpas, HWC, CrowdVision, and ECM
  6. OpenIoT includes, ARM, AlertMe, Enlight, and Badger Pass
  7. Smart Streets includes InTouch, Carillion, BalfourBeatty, Amey, Lancaster University
  8. Stride (Smart Transport IoT Data Ecosystem) includes BT, Aimes, Ctrl-Shift, University of Cambridge, Dartt Ltd

The work was funded by the UK’s Technology Strategy Board

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